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If you want your children to become highly educated Christians with strong moral character as well as vigorous young men and women with a clear Biblical world view, you will want to take a good look at the historically proven Classical Christian education Providence Academy provides.
  • When we speak of Classical Christian education, we speak of the education common to older Britain and transplanted to early America. The classical English emphasis on a mastery of language disciplines, especially Latin and rhetoric, helped to ground generations of superior leaders and thinkers. We are striving to develop in our children a particular kind of disciplined heart and mind. We are biased toward the use of linguistic rather than pictorial methods. In Scripture, we see God choosing to reveal Himself through language and, in fact, strictly forbidding His people to think of Him in terms of pictures. If we look at the early American grammar schools, we find them primarily focused upon the mastery of language disciplines; they gained much of their history, for example, from reading Scripture and the classical authors. This does not dictate the removal of all pictorial aids in teaching and learning; however, it sets the precedence for a distinctly language-oriented bias. Such a bias, typical especially of the colonial period, naturally produces minds and habits very different from those reigning in our culture.
  • In establishing the goals set forth by Classical Christian education, we acknowledge that the character education of the child is of primary importance to parents and is a constant and continuous process.
  • We also realize that children need to be taught. Although an occasional bright child will have a natural ability to "self-teach," most children need to be led into an understanding of what they are being taught. However, every child can and will become self-teaching to the extent of his abilities as the result of a good education.
  • Especially important at this time in our country's history is the development of a distinctly Christian world view in our children. That development is dependent upon the understanding that God is Creator and sovereign over all things. Thinking like a Christian requires us to eliminate all un-Biblical assumptions about the world, history, human nature, knowledge, science, the arts, and every other subject. In its place, we seek an understanding of God's revelation on each and every concern. We seek to teach our children to recognize God's character as it is clearly revealed in each subject they study. Our children are taught that every subject finds its basis, reliability, and scope of usefulness in God. We teach literature using the model and inspiration of the classics. History is taught from the providential view using original source documents and showing the hand of God in the affairs of men and nations. Formal logic, rhetoric, debate, essay, oratory, and thesis are also taught at the appropriate stages in the curriculum.
While times have changed and more than two hundred years have passed since our nation was founded, God's Word remains true and powerful. What it did for our forefathers it can do for us today as we learn how to reason from its light and apply its principles to our lives. The path before our students is not an easy one. They must be prepared to enter a world of diverse challenges, serving the Lord as statesmen and ambassadors of Christ.






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